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The company’s headquarters have been established in what was a delapidated historical farmhouse in the vast landscape of the foothills of the Alps. „Digital earthing“ inside an old barn and the integration of the orchard nearby were guidelines for the renovation. High quality workspaces, accommodated in two storeys of two adjoiningbuildings, emanate from the design concept. The new spatial configuration and generously glazed façade elements open the view of the surrounding hills. In order to preserve the unique traditional structure, the entire old roof truss has been removed, restored and replaced in it’s original position again.

The internal courtyard was restored to its original state and now serves a suitable replenishment of both the new wooden building structure and the renovated original house.

The commission included not only the renovation and adaptation of the building structure and the new organisation of the internal and external functional sequences, but also the conception of the interior design. Most of the furniture was made of oak combined with stained Plywood elements and furnished with handcrafted metal fittings.



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