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시애틀에 위치한  TV 네트워크 HBO의 사무 공간은 뉴욕을 기점으로 하고 있는 Rapt Studio에서 설계 디자인하였다.

HBO의 업무 특성 상 필요한 유동적인 작업공간을 만드는 과정에서 미학적인 팔레트를 이용하여 회사가 지닌 퍼시픽 노스웨스트 해양관련 역사를 반영코자 했다. 작업이 워낙 유동적이면서도 적용 유연한 공간을 필요로 하기 때문이다. 또한 목재와 스틸을 확장활용하여 이 지역이 역사적으로 관련된 해양 및 제조 관련 분위기를 자아낼 수 있도록 하였다.

Entertainment powerhouse HBO uses this office space in Seattle, designed by New York firm Rapt Studio, to develop and test its digital and interactive products.

HBO – the TV network behind shows such as Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, and The Sopranos – has seen a rapid uptake of its on-demand services like HBO GO and HBO NOW over the past few years.

The company's software engineering division, HBO Code Labs, has grown dramatically in response, so leased the top three floors of a new mid-rise building known as Hill7.

"They recognised this as an opportunity to develop a high-performance workspace that would support their main objectives — reimagining and reengineering entertainment," said Rapt Studio, which was tasked with designing the interiors.

The firm previously completed offices for tech companies Eventbrite, Adobe and Ancestry.

The studio set out to create a flexible workspace for HBO, with an aesthetic and material palette influenced by the maritime history of the Pacific Northwest.

"Due to the nature of their work, the flexibility and adaptability of the space was paramount," said Rapt.

"The space had to support and inspire the agile process of the teams while allowing for constant change and reconfiguration of the teams' size and mission."

To accommodate this, a raised flooring system was added and mobile desks were provided to allow employees to reconfigure their work areas.

Whiteboard walls allow teams to hold quick presentations in the corridors.

The reception area is located on the ninth floor, which looks out over Seattle. A demonstration lab for testing HBO's digital content on different devices, a lounge area for showcasing new products to press, and a screening room are also found on this level.

Up a large central staircase is a coffee bar, and lounge seating beside a library space. The design studio is set up like a workshop, with moveable tables and carts.

The 11th floor houses a large break room and pantry, as well as a games room filled with classic arcade machines.

Tactile materials and features feature across all three floors. Lengths of rope hang above the elevator lobby and felt lampshades are suspended over seating areas, while planting adds a touch of greenery.

Expanses of wood and raw steel are intended to reference the maritime and manufacturing history of the region.

"It was important for the project to feel unique to Seattle and celebrate the local culture," Rapt added.


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