Amsterdam's Karavaan restaurant has colourful interiors by Studio Modijefsky


Yellow-tiled walls that recall grassy meadows and swampy purple ceilings appear inside this travel-themed restaurant at the centre of Amsterdam by Studio Modijefsky.

Karavaan is an all-day restaurant and cocktail bar situated in Amsterdam's Kwakersplein square.

Dutch practice Studio Modijefsky designed the 357-square-metre restaurant as a journey through five natural landscapes: a meadow, swamp, forest, mountain and desert.

Each zone boasts a slightly different colour scheme and material palette but is linked together by a dark horizontal line that runs around the restaurant's walls, serving as a consistent visual thread.

The restaurant's name and interior are inspired by local history. Kwakersplein square was once a polder – a low-lying area of land that's host to an artificial body of water. It was turned into a dam in the 19th century, and then became part of the Bellamy neighbourhood.

"Ever since, people have been migrating towards this spot, just like a karavaan (Dutch for caravan), but this time to settle for good," said the studio.

With the theme of travel in mind, the studio decided to translate the journey of a caravan into a bar and restaurant interior.

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