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The brand YUN is a Korean eyewear brand that started in Berlin. YUN is a balanced brand that has both mechanical perfection and analog esthetic and embraces the different feelings of the East and the West. We wanted to complete the unique spatial experience of bringing about the coexistence of conflicting values with the minimal sensibilities of Korea in the East.

We put ‘Dansaekhwa’ and nuance of ‘white porcelain’ in space to express minimalism of the YUN's texture. It allows us to experience the interaction and coexistence of different things from different one’s eyes and circulations. As the simple but repetitive language that expression technique of Dansaekhwa permeates the Hanji and immerse in numerous colors, white light penetrates the texture of concrete and reflects light in the space. The form of the ceiling is convex or concave so that one can feel various spatial feelings.


By raising the floor, customers looked at the cloud-like white ceiling and expressed it as if they come into a Hanok yard and contact with the sky. The column is the axis of the flow in the space that supports the ceiling and serves to distinguish the large functions of the interior, such as cafes and showrooms. Even the elements dedicated to each function, they still balance each other. With minimal emotion, the brand YUN's sense of balance expresses a space where you can communicate faithfully. At the YUN SEOUL, all elements had their uniquecharacteristics and proper balance, so a warm spatial experience completed.


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