scatto italiano handcrafts bikes with local artisans in italy


scatto italiano is a brand of handcrafted bikes created by italian designers giuseppe gurrado and pietro nicola coletta. based on the tradition of ‘made in italy’ the project seeks to establish connections with local craftsmen who have passed down their knowledge and skills through family generations. the components all come from a different specialists – the steel columbus frame has been sourced from antonio taverna of vetta in padova, while the painter works for the family-run company mion, whose attention to detail involved the preparation of sanding and cleaning the raw frame with non-toxic products, to painting, finishing and the application of decorations to the bicycle.

the bikes have 25 different color combinations, and all are branded with a small italian flag that is painted by hand. two different types of handlebars are also offered, both of which are constructed out of american walnut wood. people are able to choose and customize their own design through the website, where they will discover the artisans who are involved and watch exactly how scatto italiano bicycles are made.

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