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SHoP’s design proposal for the World Business Center Busan (WBCB) complex begins by combining the traditional Korean courtyard type (Madang) with contemporary high-rise living to create a new urban ecology: the “vertical garden”.

The parkscape surrounding the base for the WBCB is drawn up into the towers to produce vertical gardens of planted bamboo. These bamboo gardens will be used to modulate airflow and wind-loading on the towers, as well as, act as green lungs” for the buildings and providing fresh air to the units. Each unit will have its own intimate connection with these gardens and at the same time share expansive views of the ocean, river and surrounding landscape.

The WBCB complex is defined by a raised architectural landscape of stone paths, plantings, pools and light wells allowing light and views into building lobbies and driveways servicing the three towers from street level. This raised landscape becomes the new main floor or “piano-nobile”

connecting all the buildings to the parkscape and public amenities.

The structure is made up of two components: a central concrete core and a light tubular steel lattice on the exterior of the façade. Since the lattice will primarily address the lateral forces they can be kept very small, allowing for more open views and maximum flexibility for interior spaces. The exterior web-like lattice expands out at its base to create additional stiffness and minimal need for additional structure at the parking levels. The structure is a consistent and continuous system literally from top to bottom utilizing the least amount of material while maintaining optimum flexibility.

The web of steel tubes provides structural integrity while creating a sense of lightness. The elegant twisting form shares a visual affiliation with the bamboo gardens suspended between the units in the towers.


Location. Busan, Korea

Phase. Competition – Design Proposal

Client. Busan International Architecture Culture Festival

Area. 4.8 million sf



Designed by JB FACTORY