[ MODO Architecture ] Wickham House_Reassembling the Traditional Family Home


Dismantling and reassembling the traditional components of the family home, Wickham House sees MODO Architecture reinterpret internal zoning through a play on volume, level changes and spatial separators. Located in Strathmore, in Melbourne, Wickham House is a reassessment of the expectations of residential architecture through both rigorous study and dissection of its comprising parts. By responding to the client’s brief with creativity, the expected is challenged and the resulting spaces have an added complexity to the four-walled envelopes housing furniture, objects and artwork. Instead, through a countenance of texture, geometries and materiality, there is a connection between the comprising parts and raw architectural elements of the home.


Built by Justin Gee Builder, Wickham House emphasises the vertical connection of the spaces. Punctuating the centre of the connected spaces is a steel stair that separates both the living and the kitchen, acting as both protective barrier and visual screening device. The insertion of carefully considered skylights then add to the emphasis of the mass and the resulting texture. Through subtle changes internally, a less formal arrangement of space unfolds, each nuance hinting at an anticipated boundary and the functionality of its space. The generous raked timber ceiling also adds a geometrically interesting element, leading the eye upward and highlighting the volume at the same time.


from thelocalproject



Designed by JB FACTORY