[ Ryo Matsui Architects ] Grass Building


This is the 6 stories heights complex building which composed of residence, office, and retail premises. It is located on the boundary of city planning district and the district where downtown affectivity remains. Considering this site context, building which inherit the identities of those from downtown culture is planned with aspire to create the streetscape.

All the sashes facing the frontal road are created with series of sliding doors those enable to pull in one side and to realize the integral space with inner and outer territories. Additionally, balconies those function as the intermediate region is designed in minimum width in order to retain maximum total floor area. 

While these sliding doors are fully opened during the day time, inner space moderately ensures privacy where at the same time enable to sense the transience of town. With the outer space, silken façade is formulated by handrail designed for this balcony functions like as the lattice of Japanese traditional tradesmen’s house and to integrate with the wood grain texture facing the frontal road applying cypress formwork press.

Residence on the penthouse affirmatively bring in the light and wind to establish the space with inner and outer territories perplexed by creating the outer space such as courtyard and rooftop garden except the frontal road. Its existence resembles the building form those seen in the surrounding where filled with 2 stories heights buildings at one time being lifted up on the rooftop.



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