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Hangzhou Central Plaza is located in Hangzhou new East Station North Square, JHD Ar-chitects was trying to build it into a modern and traditional sale office which different from the traditional impression of Hang Zhou style. According to the site conditions, the front yard, the main building and the parking lots of the building are connected in one line lay-out, create connection with the grand size of Hang Zhou East Station platform, the main building is backed up a little to forming a urban public plaza, aim at sharing resources.

The stainless steel door of the entrance strengthened the transparency of glass, the effect of the overlayers enhance the sense of depth and ritual of the entrance space.

Architects: JHD Architects 

Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China 

Architect in Charge: Ning Jiang 

Design Team: Hui Ding, Meng Jiang, Tao Shu, Tao Guan, Xiaosong Wang 

Area: 400.0 m2 

Project Year: 2017 

Photographs: Jianghe Zeng

The demonstration area is streamlined as compact and rational layout which include the five functional blocks efficiently into the four hundred square meters space, the core of the integrated layout is exhibition. For the shape design, using pure super white glass to replace the wall, which reshape the rhythm of the Jiang Nan from the angle of the eaves. It is an at-tempt and emotion to abandon the white wall gray tiles and to render the unique and deli-cate culture in a more modern style.

Glazed glass is a good material to show the beauty of hazy. The complementary of six an-gle patterns is yin yang, they are similar to the traditional panes, but also easier to distin-guish the ingenious difference. While the rigidity of stainless steel presents a sense of rhythm, a certain degree of movement effect has been formed by depth change.

The East façade is a solid wall which divided by metal lines, with multi-level cascades to build a quiet introverted temperament.

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