studio granda builds bakkaflot 14 under pitched green roof

bordering a lava field near the base of the bláfjöll mountain range in southern iceland local practice studio granda has completed the bakkaflot 14 residence. the home is situated on the edge of an established neighborhood on a trapezoidal site that widens along the south property line.  replacing the original house, demolished materials were sorted and recycled into the new construction, cutting down on costs wherever possible.

client: jón pálmason & elísabet björnsdóttir
architects: studio granda
structural & environmental engineers: viðsjá
electrical engineers: vjí
fire consultants: efla
contractor: j&s verktakar
site: 1241m2
basement: 75m2
ground floor: 517m2
total: 592m2

reinforced concrete makes up the majority of the primary structure, offering a more efficient thermal mass in a climate with extreme temperature changes. a green roof spans along the entire structure blending it into the grassy landscape with various slopes that mimic the surrounding topography. the smaller, more private rooms are located along the north axis of the home under a series of pitched roofs- large openings screened with louvered timber walls provide the necessary privacy and control natural light. the work spaces and offices establish the central core of the home while the social areas are pushed to the south along a largely transparent facade looking out over the property.

the material palette both inside and out maintains a natural aesthetic- board-formed concrete comprises the majority of the walls. natural wood forms the interior walls, fixtures, floors and soffits, balancing the hardness of the exposed steel beams, concrete structure and dark basalt accent walls. skylights and clerestories natural illuminate the interior and the various forms and textures.

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