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미국의 Anonymous Architects는 로스앤젤레스의 키 큰 나무들을 잘라버리는 대신 캔틸레버 식으로 삼나무로 둘러 싸인 거주공간을 만들기로 했다. 숲 속 집으로 불리는 이 곳은 에코 공원 산기슭에 위치해 있는 곳으로 빽빽한 도시를 배경으로 하고 있으면서도 무언가 뚝 떨어져 있는 느낌을 준다.

지면엥서 올라온 구조의 집이라 설계자들은 더 넓은 플랜팅 영역을 제공할 수 있게 되었다. 캔틸레버를 지지하기 위해 강철과 함께 콘크리트 더미로 구성된 기초가 사용되었다. 사생활 보호를 위해 주변 주택과 공공 거리에서 멀찍이 떨어진 대지 한 가운데에 주택을 지었다.

Instead of chopping down a tall tree in the middle of a Los Angeles site, American studio Anonymous Architects incorporated it into this cantilevered cedar-clad residence.
Called House in Trees, the residence is located in the hilly neighbourhood of Echo Park. Dotted with mature trees, the site has a remote feeling, despite being surrounded by dense, urban development.

"It is an unusual paradox to have such a natural setting that occurs in the middle of Los Angeles – a city known for its endless sprawl and crawling traffic," said Anonymous Architects, a local firm led by Simon Storey.
A goal of the project was to preserve the site's natural features, "even if it meant having a tree grow through the house". To that end, the architects built one of the bedrooms around an existing cypress tree.
The dwelling is cantilevered over a steep hillside, a solution that minimised the foundation work and disturbance to the land.
By elevating the home off the ground, the architects were also able to provide a larger area for plantings.
The foundation consists of concrete piles, with steel used to support the cantilever. The house is framed with timber and topped with a standing-steam metal roof.
Fire-treated Western red cedar was used to clad the exterior walls.
To maintain privacy, the architects placed the home near the centre of the lot, away from neighbouring homes and a public street.
A slightly curved driveway leads down to the garage and the main entrance, which consists of a large, folding glass wall that borders the kitchen.
Rectangular in plan, the house encompasses 2,000 square feet (185 square metres). The interior was conceived as two distinct units located under a single roof.
The main unit contains two bedrooms to accommodate a family of four.

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