[ CAA ] jordan road restaurant


conceived as a ‘celebration of human contact’, these restaurant interiors appear to be populated with giant bamboo trees. located in the southwestern chinese province of yunnan, structural columns are clad with vertical timber slats that continue across the ceiling, enclosing the space. commissioned by the jordan road restaurant chain, beijing-based studio CAA — led by director liu haowei — designed the interiors as a fusion of asian and western styles. the bamboo reference is very asian, which reads as traditional, but it’s made contemporary,’ explains the architect.

location: yunnan, china
size: 400 sqm
design date: october, 2014
completion date: february, 2015

the restaurant’s layout combines an efficient seating plan with optimized acoustic zones. this is configured to generate enough sound to make diners feel like they are in lively destination, while simultaneously offering enough privacy to ensure that conversations remain audible and private. the flooring features a dynamic three-dimensional pattern, while 

the reserved brick and glass material palette seeks to establish a refined atmosphere that provides a place to unwind after a long day.

from  deignboom



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