[ jamesclar ] An ARQUISET project, in collaboration with HANGAR

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An ARQUISET project, in collaboration with HANGAR Sponsored by Philips

HANGAR Oct 2-8, 2008

As part of ARQUISET’s second Architecture Week, ARQUINFAD organized a workshop with James Clar & Scott Fitzgerald in developing interactive lighting projects, aimed at architects, light and space designers, programmers and interactive designers. The workshop forms part of the LIGHTSCAPES programme, a series of activities based on new aspects of city lighting, which includes an international symposium and events in various public places.

The aim of the workshop is to examine the possibilities offered by the most recent developments in lighting technology, in tandem with computer programming, to cultivate and give new and innovative expression to the use of light in urban spaces. Using lighting systems to transmit information in real time that can be interpreted by citizens, or developing lighting mechanisms that respond to the users’ activity and behaviour are some of the strategies to be applied.

It is also the intention, by way of this project, to foster mutual collaboration and apprenticeship among architects, lighting designers and urbanists, on the one hand, and programmers and interactive designers, on the other, as well as promoting the role played by the interactive lighting designer in an emerging field of interdisciplinary requirements.

Playing with shadows from various light sources hidden beneath a table.

Creating simple interaction games.

Wallwashing architectural details.


Lightscapes curator Jose Luis de Vicente during the symposium lectures.


Final Installation: In this dark warehouse a spotlight is over the bed. When people come into the warehouse and start jumping on the bed the warehouse fills with color from various light sources placed throughout. Created by Oscar Tomico Plasencia, Diana Joels, and Isabel Franco Lanao


Final Installation: A microphone and projector is set up so when you start talking into the microphone your face appears on the wall. Lines of LED lights shoot out of your mouth and spread across the wall according to volume. Created by Isabel Franco Lanao, Cristina Fontsare, and Cristina Salicio


Final Installation: This sound interactive piece used a projector and various wall washers are used to create a spatial painting on the bushes, tower, and walls of buildings. Created by Boris Edelstein and Thomas Muller


A live sound performance during the opening by Animazon Graphycosis Animadas


Final Installation: An empty room is divided into sections with hanging screen walls. In the middle of one of the sections is a row of lighting. When a user walks into that section the lights start randomly flashing, causing shadows to be projected onto the screens behind. Because the angles of the light projected onto the scren differ from each other, it causes the shadow of the person to bounce around on the screen. A viewer on the other side of the screen will then see the person shifting around in space as the various lights blink. Created by Josep M. Civit and Gaston Bertin


Final Installation: Lighting is imbedded into the crevices of this wall. The lighting morphs and changes colors, creating an airy-ness to what is generally seen as a heavy solid structure. Created by Ignacia Cabrera Guzmán


Final Installation: This hanging 'jellyfish' would float in the air and move around with the wind underneath. Soft blue lighting would shine underneath it but when users started approaching the lighting would start flashing from above and changing colors, making the jellyfish more hostile. Created by María Gil de Montes and Victor Viña.


Final Installation: These columns of light were placed randomly hanging down in a specific area. If the viewer stood in a specific area of the room the columns would line up and create a video image. But if you were not standing in the correct place of the room the columns would not line up and the image would look like random dots. Using a 3D space to display a 2D image. Created by Raul Nieves Pardo and friends.

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