[ Atelier Phileas ] Renovation and extension of workshops at Joliot-Curie high school

Architects: Atelier Phileas (member of PLAN01)
Location: Dammarie-les-Lys, France
Client: Région Ile-de-France
Programme: Asbestos removal, heavy restructuration, extension of the workshops while in use, with temporary buildings
Consultant: ARCADIS
Renovation Area: 3,100 sqm
Extension Area: 1,030 sqm
Project year: 2007
Photographer: Stephan Lucas

The renovation project presented a major advantage as well as a major difficulty.
The advantage: the school is nested in a tree-shaded park.
The difficulty: after asbestos removal, rooms in use had to be renovated.

Due to this constraint, the architecture had to be both rigourous and structured.
During the restructuring-extension of the workshops, inherent to the new teaching programmes and modernisation of the machine tools, our aim was to harmonise both existing and new architectures, gentle conversion of an architecture which, although high-quality, was outdated.
We focused on three key points: the proportions and profiles of the facades creating a resonance with the trees in the park, the use of new materials and rehabilitation of the exterior.

The extension concerns common and administrative spaces dedicated to the workshops. The entities are connected together via the covered recreation area, a new federating space. Structured on different levels, it doubles up as an amphitheater.

The link towards the technical sections, clearly identifiable by special signing (colour code), run alongside three patios providing natural lighting and a pleasant view.


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