Our collection of extraordinarily beautiful lights created using ultra high-tech Digital Manufacturing technologies continues with the Tulip.MGX table light.
Part of the 2009 Bouquet Collection by MGX featuring flower shaped laser sintered lights, Tulip.MGX takes its shape from intriguing organic forms – forms that are so far unknown and yet seem so familiar. Rather than translating something from our visible world, this light object is a translation of the strange attractors and mathematical formulas used in chaos theory.
The Tulip.MGX table light comes in 2 different shade designs in various colours with each design available in 3 heights.
TECHNOLOGY: SLS (selective laser sintering) / SLA (stereolithography)
PRODUCT TYPE: tall table light
MATERIAL: polyamide (nylon) / epoxy, stainless steel, chrome coated brass
HEIGHT: 40cm - 47cm - 57cm including shade
SHADE: woven or perforated - 13cmH x 11.5cmØ
BULB: CE: 240V halogen G9 max.40W, dimmable
DELIVERY: up to 6 weeks (CUSTOM ORDER)

from  within4walls

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