[ Chartier & Corbasson Architects ] Centre for Football Training

Chartier & Carbasson Architects have designed a Centre for Football Training in Paris, integrating landscape with building.

The building is a continuation of the football field, with its banks extending up to and over the structure. Beneath the sloped end of the building lie dressing rooms and technical equipment. The grass facade is punctuated by public access and entrances for players and coaches.exterior-3
Building functions better able to enjoy surrounding riverside views, are located in the heavily glazed portion of the building, with terraces extending to the river’s edge. Trees provide privacy to users.interior3

Owner: Amiens Métropole
Architects: Chartier & Corbasson
Program: accommodation for 45 trainees, locker rooms
training room, catering.
Area: 1900 m²
Cost: 320 000 €
Delivery: June 2009

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