[ MAPT + DARK ] Højblokka_PULS

Architect: MAPT + DARK Architects
Location: Oslo, Norway
Program: Highrise with Shopping, Wellness and Office Facilities
Project year: 2009
Images: MAPT
With this project we looked for a reinterpretation of the urban block typology in combination with vertical multiplication and urban density. The site is situated next to Oslo Central Station and had been formerly occupied by the postal headquarters. Due to its proximity to a variety of infrastructural layers in a dense urban and commercial area, the proposal was woven into the circulation of the area. It became an infrastructural hub with connections to all layers of circulation. By completely removing the existing block these connections could be reconfigured to fit the present needs. Moreover, it was possible to make full use of the site by taking its outline as the footprint for the new urban block. The new structure comprised 90.000sqm of office spaces, hotels, leisure and shopping facilities. It consisted of the low rise urban block and three towers that reach up to 130m height. The low rise urban block became the circulation catalyst by attaching it to all means of public transportation and the pedestrian flows in strategic spots. Large atriums provided enough daylight for the enclosed public space. The visitors can move freely in this landscape and could become flaneurs in the undulating surface of exposed platforms and introverted pockets. Højblokka is public space within the public.

Højblokka / Puls was a proposal in an invited competition next to five other teams and was carried out in corporation with DARK architects from Oslo.

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