[ Saucier + Perrotte Architects ] Spa

Canadian firm Saucier + Perrotte Architects redesigned an old warehouse into a spa that provides a thermal therapy.

The design conept is derived from contact between hot and cold. It destills the idea of 'cool glacial forms and the warmness of volcanic rocks', which duality is articulated through forms and various materials used in the building.

These forms and angles, give a perceptual difference from their daily environment. At various places, volumes emerge from the ground, to sculpt interior zones for the sauna and steam bath. White marble walls appear to melt at the point of contact with warm-coloured wood on the ceiling.

Opalescent glass has been placed to provide a natural lighting into the building's existing openings. On the street side, a thing cascading layer of water flows on these glass surfaces, filtering the views on one side and providing an idea of what can be found inside the walls of the former warehouse.

from  frame-digital

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