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Here (at last!) are a couple of images of Zaha Hadid’s design for a temporary pavilion in Millennium Park, Chicago.


The pavilion, along with another designed by UNStudio, will celebrate the centenary of 1909 Plan of Chicago (also known as the Burnham Plan) and will be open to the public from 19 June to 31 October.


For more info on the Plan of Chicago centenary and the Burnham Pavilions, see our earlier story about the UNStudio pavilion.

Here’s some info from the architects:

Burnham Pavilion Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid Architects participation in the Burnham Plan Centennial celebrations is a great opportunity to participate in Chicago’s ongoing tradition of bold plans and big dreams with an architectural design at the scale of a pavilion.

Our design will echo Chicago’s cutting edge cultural and architectural landscape by introducing a new Zaha Hadid Pavilion Concept into Millenium Park.

Working within the larger framework of the Centennial celebrations’ commitment to deliberate the future of cities, our intervention will create a new public destination in the City of Chicago.

The structure will trigger the visitor’s intellectual curiosity whilst an intensification of public life around and within the pavilion supports the idea of public discourse.

New formal concepts will meet the memory of bold historic urban planning.  Superimpositions of spatial structures with hidden traces of Burnham’s organizational systems and architectural representations create unexpected results. By using methods of overlaying, complexity is build up and inscribed in the structure.

Zaha Hadid’s body of work contributes to the expansion of the discipline’s formal repertoire by reaching beyond traditional boundaries. Her design of a new pavilion as part of the Centennial celebrations of the Plan of Chicago promises to become another benchmark for this design language of the future.

from  archdaily

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