[ Estúdio Ubuntu ] Vila São Paulo Therapeutic Residential


The refurbishment of this semi-detached house, a very common type in São Paulo, was planned to receive a Therapeutic Residential that attends, guide and shelter patients in a state of mental suffering.

Its use, extremely specific, has several project dynamics that differ from a common project:

The patients must have their identity preserved as well as their privacy.

The access to medicines, knives and other dangerous objects must be controlled.

The house must offer support to common day-to-day activities, while serving as a space for coexistence, decompression, privacy and analytical/combative.

The scope consists of:

- Creation of a consulting room and a changing room for employees in the garage.

- Creation of a balcony on the north façade surrounded by plans executed in cobogós (ceramic casting element), allowing a singular condition of ventilation and lighting while protecting the identity of patients creating a scenographic relationship of semi transparency with the street.

-Removal of 3 internal walls and installation of metallic structure, allowing the creation of a free layout that allowed the implantation of a kitchen integrated to the room, at the same time that acts as a porous obstacle for the access of patients to knives and other dangerous elements.

-Creation of 2 suites and a social toilet on the ground floor and execution of 2 bathrooms to serve 3 bedrooms on the upper floor.

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