*2012년 런던올림픽 바스켓볼 아레나 [ Wilkinson Eyre Architects ] London 2012 Basketball Arena


바스켓볼 아레나는 2012년 런던 올림픽이 열리는 올림픽파크 내에 3번째로 큰 경기장 입니다.

하지만 일전에 소개했던 슈팅갤러리와 같이 임시구조물로써 향후 다양한 이벤트나 게임을 위하여

이동 설치가 가능하도록 설계된 것이 특징입니다. 현재는 파크내 북측 가장 높은 곳에 위치하여

다른 곳을 조망하는 뷰가 열린 곳에 위치하며 농구경기와 핸드볼 결승전을 관람 할 수 있는

1만 2천석의 관중석도 준비되었습니다.-조금더 자세히 알아봐야겠지만 이번 런던올림픽 경기장들이

가변식 템퍼러리로 구축되는것이 재미있네요. 아마도 상징적 또는 실제 운영이 가능한 공간만을

효율적으로 운영하고 다른 나머지 경기장들은 기타 이벤트를 위해 이용 할 수 있도록 고안된 것인지..

갑자기 매우 궁금하네요...-

또한 하계올림픽 이후 바로 열리는 장애인 올림픽휠체어 농구와 휠체어 럭비를 관람 할 수 있도록

만석으로 개조됩니다.

이러한 가변적인 공간은 기존 콘크리트 구조물에 비해 다른 매커니즘을 요구합니다.

여기에 빠듯한 예산 또한 맞추어야 하니 건축가와 엔진니어들의 머리가 아팠을 것 같습니다.

그럼에도 불구하고 30미터 높이에 달하는 사각볼륨을 구축하는 새로운 스틸 스트럭쳐 시스템

2만 스퀘어미터의 경량 PVC-프탈레이트를 첨가하지 않는 친환경 플라스틱-

바스켓 아레나를 가장 비쥬얼적으로 드라마틱한 형태를 지닌

경기장으로 구현하였습니다. 아마도 이것은 맞춤생산된 반투명한 PVC클래딩 시스템이

3차원 패턴을 이루며 무한 반복되는 엘레강트한 파사드에서 찾을 수 있습니다.

경기장은 기타 건축공간보다 공시율이 높은 건축물입니다. 그렇기 때문에 지속적인 관리와

효율적인 운영으로 이와같은 리스크를 줄여야 합니다. 어쩌면 찾아오는 공간이 아닌

찾아가는 공간으로 생각의 전환이 필요한지도 모르겠습니다.

reviewed by SJ

The Basketball Arena by Wilkinson Eyre Architects is one of the biggest temporary venues ever erected for any Olympic and Paralympic Games and the third largest venue in the Olympic Park. Located on high ground at the north end of the site, and clearly visible from various vantage points in the Olympic Park, the Arena will provide 12,000 seats for the basketball heats and handball finals, as well as 10,000 seats for the wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby competitions. Despite a tight budget, the Arena is set to be one of the most iconic and visually dramatic buildings of the 2012 Games.

Architects: Wilkinson Eyre Architects
Location: Olympic Park North (Stop M), Borough of Hackney, E9, UK
Project Team: SKM with and KSS
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 11500.0 sqm
Photographs: Edmund Sumner

The brief called for a structure that was simple to erect but also provided a world‐class sporting venue for some of the most popular Olympic events. Alongside these factors, sustainability was a key driver in the building’s design: the arena has been made out of robust individual components that can be easily dismantled and subdivided for reuse, with over two‐thirds of the materials and components used on the project identified for reuse or for recycle.

Wilkinson Eyre has used an architectural language that remains distinct from the surrounding permanent venues, overtly celebrating both the best of British engineering and the temporary nature of the structure through innovative and economic structural and cladding solutions. Lightweight, simple building components have been used instead of a concrete structure usually found in stadia architecture, allowing the Basketball Arena’s steel frame and cladding to be constructed in just six weeks.

The 30m‐high rectangular volume (the equivalent of a seven‐storey building) is made out of a steel portal frame and wrapped in 20,000 sqm of lightweight phthalate‐free and recyclable PVC. This translucent bespoke cladding is stretched across minimal steel framing modules that push the fabric out and create an elegant and three‐dimensional undulating pattern across the facades.

The roof fabric includes an interwoven blackout layer that eliminates daylight during game sessions and maintains fully controllable artificial lighting for the media. The external walls are translucent, allowing daylight to filter through during the day and artificial lighting to be visible in the evening.

표피의 다양한 퀄리티는 빌딩 외부에 애니메이션 효과를 주는

The variation of surface qualities used throughout the structure help animate the building’s exterior, with the expression of the building being derived from the play of sunlight and night‐time theatrical lighting across the fabric surface. Wilkinson Eyre worked with United Visual Artists, specialists in concert lighting and installations, to create lighting and colour‐changing effects for the evening games. The result is a dynamic illumination which, at night, transforms the white surface into a variety of saturated colours and strong silhouettes of the sub‐structure, creating the biggest light installation on the Olympic park.

Modular accommodation units that serve as the back of house areas are located outside the Arena volume, which also shares LOCOG overlay facilities with the Velodrome and BMX Track. These will include warm‐up courts and areas for catering, security, waste management and the media.

Wilkinson Eyre worked Sinclair Knight Mertz (project management, structural and MEP consulting) and sports consultants KSS on the project.

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