[ SuperNature] New Angles

‘Seeing things from different angles, changing the perception of what we are seeing’ – New Angles is an interactive installation reflecting the juxtaposition of subversive thinking and visual perception. The project was created by SuperNature, the knowed Shanghai based multi-discipline design company which is specialized in interactive design, visual communication & media technology.

New Angles consists of 420 prisms made out of white acrylic. Each of these prisms will transmit the RGB light (LED Point Light Source) and form a picture element (pixel) based on the captured image by a camera. Through such process, the visual formed on the prisms creates dialogues between imagination & reality, present & future… The camera is activated when a viewer approaches the installation. And if the viewer is away, a series of lighting animation sequence will be played back.

Project specifications:
The light source comprises 420 Point Source LEDs (ø8mm RGB) and arranged in zig-zag format in order to achieve the displacement between rows. The communication between the LED control box and computer uses DMX512/1990 protocol. A customized software was written to perform 2 tasks. The first task of the software is to grab the image of the display in real-time within a specific region, and remap the pixel data according to the 420-pixel zig-zag arrangement. The second task of the software is to output the grabbed pixel data to the LED control box via DMX protocol. The swapping of contents between a series of animation sequence and video live feed is made possible using an IR sensor and Arduino.

Dimension of the prism: 80mm*80mm*80mm
Size of the setup: 1380mm(H)*1200mm(W)*120mm(D)

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