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Your adventures outdoors just got great company. Say goodbye to your tent and sleeping bag because now you have upgraded!  Many of us have fond memories of camping and weekend getaways with friends where we got excited about every possible element of nature except for the allocation. Although allocations were not the most comfortable, we did it because that was the only option and the adventure was bigger than that. Now the allocation is an adventure in itself.
Cricket Trailer is an idea, a dream and adventure product from Garrett Finney, a NASA architect with ample experience creating homes at its most efficient square footage while attaining a sense of comfort and functionality in outer space.

Why call the product Cricket? by Garret Finney
First, crickets are outdoors everywhere – deep in caves, by the sides of streams, on tops of mountains, in meadows and forests, in Australia, in your backyard. Crickets are the soundtrack of the outdoors. Their song is the background of your good memories.

Second, our first sketches had a mechanism to raise and lower the roof. It looked a lot like the jumping leg of a cricket. That leg is still there, albeit smaller, in the form of a gas spring that makes it very easy to raise and lower the roof. The name really found the trailer.
Garrett's experience from space comes down to us to develop the same adventure on the ground. How fascinating, to experience the work of what I would like to coin, Adventure Architect. Garrett take his passion for nature and develops an affordable, lightweight and comfortable trailer customized to your needs. Every adventure is different and deserves its own plan therefore, every Cricket is built to order.

The Cricket Trailer is flexible, efficient and environmentally friendly. It is a product for those serious about outdoor adventures and want to explore uncharted territories in a stylish and functional fashion. The Cricket Trailer has your own kitchen with ample counter space, a shower indoors but also reaches outdoors, and a flexible living and bedroom space unit to enjoy alone or with one other person.  I haven't been camping in a while but the thought of sleeping comfortably while exploring nature outdoors gets me excited about planning my next trip very soon. Maybe we can get Garrett to make one to order for the Yatzer Team so we can begin our yearly retreats. What are some of your fond memories outdoors? Share with us your outdoor adventures.

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