Bilbao's Mixtape Apartment has a baby-pink kitchen


A baby-pink kitchen and a colourful patchwork carpet help revive the interior of this formerly lacklustre 1960s apartment in Bilbao, Spain, which has been overhauled by architecture studio Azab.

Since its construction in 1968, the Mixtape Apartment had undergone a couple of renovations that had "gingerly affected" the flow of its floor plan but left behind a number of original decor details.

Its current owner – a retired woman – approached Azab to refresh the apartment, which she felt had become "blurred in a greyish mood".

"She related having a certain feeling of boredom... in some way she felt that her home was dying away and was trying to find out how to imbue it with new vitality," the studio told Dezeen.

"But from the beginning we understood that there were so many valuable elements."

The studio decided to update the home with just a few standout features that would complement the existing hardwood floors, doors, and window frames.

In the kitchen there is now a mix of baby-pink and white cupboards, each of which is bordered by light-hued strips of timber. Pink paint has also been applied across the surrounding walls and to appliances like the dishwasher.

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