Wooden storage units create living spaces in once-derelict Valencia apartment


London practice Roberto Di Donato has introduced a pair of wooden storage units to this apartment in Valencia, Spain, to redefine its time-worn interiors.

The Musico Iturbi apartment is situated in the La Xerea neighbourhood, set inside a listed residential building that dates back to the early 20th century.

Abandoned for several years, it was purchased by a young woman from London who wanted to turn it into a holiday getaway for herself and her friends.

She approached Roberto Di Donato to give the apartment's empty shell a contemporary overhaul, requesting that the architects create a series of "distinct, yet fluid" rooms that didn't interfere with the existing structure.

With this in mind, the practice decided to insert two boxy oak wood units to split the apartment into private and gathering areas. They contain a wardrobe and three doors that can be swung open to offer different levels of privacy.

"We gave ourselves the challenge of respecting the building as much as possible, preserving and enhancing the character of the existing fabric," founder Roberto Di Donato told Dezeen.

"So we opted to introduce non-conventional partition walls, making the entire depth of the space visible and interconnected."

from dezeen

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