*A형 지붕 농촌 별장 개조 - [The Engel House revisits traditional Czech typologies]


투구 지붕과 목조 구조가 특징인 체코 농촌의 전형적 별장을 소개한다. 이 빌라는 전통적인 목재 양식으로 만들어진 '안장(saddle)' 또는 A형 지붕을 포함한 체코 마을의 생활유형학에서 발전된 것이다. 부지와 주변 환경을 면밀히 분석한 후 빌라의 주요 기능 구성 요소를 2배 높이로 합친 '크로스' 구성으로 계획이 제안되었다.


Featuring a pitched roof and wooden structures, the residence by CMC Architects reinterprets the typical villas of rural Czech Republic.

The concept of this villa evolved from traditional forms of Czech village living typologies, which include ‘saddle’ or A-frame roofs made from wood timber construction.  The design brief was of course for a completely modern recreational villa, for both summer and winter seasons. After careful analysis of the site and surroundings, a ‘cross’ configuration was proposed in plan, with double-height massing of the main functional components of the villa.

Project: Engel House 

Location: Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic 

Program: single family house 

Architect: CMC Architects – Vit Maslo, David Richard Chisholm

Project architect: Jan Hrebicek 

Collaborators: Dan Simpach, Gabriela Sekyrova 

Area: 346 sqm 

Completion: 2017

The main living space is in the South-West end of the double-height volume, which also includes an open gallery to the upper level. The living style is informal, with the kitchen-dining also oriented to the roofed, outdoor kitchen and entertaining area. The wood timber construction, is made from massive wood beams and panel walls, which ultimately form the ‘wood-living’ concept of the house.  The wood panel wall system is left exposed to view, with a light white-toned stain, elegantly contrasting the dark wood floor and wall cladding.

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