Bethan Gray bases brass-patterned furniture on the architecture of Oman


British designer Bethan Gray created her latest collection of handmade furniture using vibrantly stained wood and brass marquetry.
The Shamsian Collection is based on Omani architecture and crafts. It features a cabinet named Nizwa and the tables Dhow, Masirah and Paua.

The Shamsian Collection is based on Omani architecture, and includes a cabinet named Nizwa
"Cultural referencing is at the heart of my design philosophy," said Gray. "Currently I'm particularly drawn to the graphic nature of Islamic art and craft".
"Through my travels and research I'm inspired to create original, contemporary pieces that resonate with global, as well as local, audiences, and that have an elegant and timeless appeal."
Each piece showcases patterns made using the traditional technique of marquetry, used in Islamic craft as far back as the 16th century.
It involves inlaying pieces of wood, solid brass, shells or other materials into a base.
The long Nizwa cabinet – named after a fort in Oman – is the centrepiece of the collection. The cabinet is made from maple veneer sourced from Italy, and is coloured turquoise by hand using stain shading.
The brass detailing across the doors is taken from the intricate architectural patterning of the fort.
"The robust building has powerfully stood for centuries as a symbol of military strength, but through its hidden and intricate details, it also reveals Omani architectural ingenuity," said the designer.

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