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The head office of the Salpi factory has been conceived by Enzo Eusebi as a sustainable building that uses alternative energy sources and has a roof planted with vegetation. The large expanses of glass on the facade are decorated instead with hundreds of the hams produced in the factory. Below ground, to optimize the relationship with the surroundings. 

Architects: Enzo Eusebi+Partners

Location: 06047 Preci PG, Italy

Design Team: Y.Consorti, F. Varese 

Project Year: 2015

Photographs: Courtesy of Enzo Eusebi+Partners

Alternative, owing to its use of renewable energy sources. Sustainable, due to the choice of materials. The design tor the Salpi factory, that produces hams in the industrial zone of Preci (Perugia, Italy), was drawn up by Enzo Eusebi - Nothing Studio with a great deal of attention to the environment, understood in its broadest sense. 

Partially underground, the block of the production facility has a root of over seven thousand square metres planted with vegetation, providing thermal insulation, a reduction In levels of water runoff and sound pollution, mitigation of the microclimate, the capture of fine particles and a saving in the cost of the roof's renewal. 

The parts above ground reflect the surrounding natural space through the use of mirror finishes. At the centre of the C-shaped complex, the management block - raised on pilotis and facing onto a pool that collects rainwater - has façades of aluminium and chestnut wood, known for its resistance to damp. On the roof, photovoltaic panels and solar collectors. The sustainability of the intervention has allowed the company to submit a request for LEED certification.

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