MMASS Architecture-Sport Residence in Puigcerda, Catalunya_Spain


The building was born of the will direct most of the rooms to the best views, creating a hollow center, a space created by the bodies of the building and landscape.

A building, based on the scale of public facilities, next try to collect the image of the type Pyrenees, where the roof becomes the fourth front. It is intended that the slate roof that was born from the soil in the testing of the U loops through all parts of the building. This cover becomes the distinctive and unique building. Sheltered under the roof of the rooms are arranged as shown in the front. The structural and functional template generates all fronts. The closure of this grid is empty and full of texture, transparency and opacity, which emphasize the independence of grid structure and skin facade, extending COATING skin throughout the body of the building.

Location: Puigcerda, Catalunya, Spain
Type: SportsPublic
Architects: MMASS
Area: 2.948 m2
Budget: 1.704.000 euros
End work: 2008

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