MOCA, 블랙스완은 그곳에 있었다.

생각보다 헐리우드 쪽 MOCA가 규모가 작더군요.
방한칸 정도의 사이즈에 2층짜리 였는데 전시실이 작아서 인지 전시물이 많지가 않았습니다.
1층 2층 모두 전시실이 어둡게 돼어 있어서 오로지 조명등에 의해서 전시물을 관람 할 수 있게 되어있었어요.

그리고 아쉽게도 사진촬영이 금지 되어있어서 많은정보를 드릴수 없게 되었어요.
그래도 조금이나마 설명을 드리자면 먼저 1층에는 검은색 tutus들이 전시되어있고 2층에 총 3 종류의 (White Collection, Odette/White Swan Tutus, 와 Red Collection) 테마로 전시 되어있었어요.

*이글은 kimgo Eun 님께서 집적 MOCA에 가서 전시회를 보고 보내주신 글입니다.

Red Collection (1벌은 돌아가고 2벌은 고정 됨)
사용 재료: Hand-dyed silk tulle, sequins, twine, and Swarovski crystal

Odette/ White Swan Tutus, 2010 (2 벌의 천천히 빙글빙글 돌아가는 옷)
사용 재료: feather, embroidered vinyl, silk tulle, Swarovski crystals, net, angora, tulle, and cotton, cheesecloth, Unaltered from the feature-film Black Swan

White Collection, Fall 2010 (6 벌의 고정돼어 있는 옷)
사용 재료 : wool, embroidered gauze, Swarovski pearls, cotton ceascloth, pleated silk chiffon, pleated lame, pleated silk tulle, lace, mohair, and wool fringe, and Swarovski crystals.

아래는 처음 입구에 들어갈때 벽에 붙어 있던 설명서 입니다.

Rodarte: States of Matter

Rodarte: States of Matter presents the work of fashion and costume designers Kate and Laura Muleavy, sisters who began working under the name Rodarte in 2005. Known for using humble, often unconventional materials such as vinyl, cheesecloth, twine, and macrame, Rodarte subjects their garments to alchemic alteration processes, burning, stretching, weaving, staining, and dying them before reassembling them as sculptural ready-to-wear pieces.

Rodarte's collections are highly conceptual; each is based o an in-depth engagement with a particular subject, whether the California landscape, Japanese horror films, or the work of a contemporary artists such as Gordon Matta Clark. This approach to the design process has resulted in garments that are imbued with their own narrative meaning. And, not necessarily reliant on a relationship to the human form, Rodarte's works function simultaneously as garments and sculptural objects.

This exhibition includes garments from Rodarte's fall 2008, spring 2010, and fall 2010 runway collections, as well as original ballet costumes commissioned for the featur-fiom Black Swan (2010). The exhibition presentation was designed by runway producer Alexandre de Betak, founder of bureau betak and longtime Rodarte collaborator.


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