[Klein Dytham architecture] Sin Den


Klein Dytham architecture_Sin Den


Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 6.2007


Jingumae - the area has its own creative vibe,which is not quite as same as the one with Harajuku, Aoyama and Shibuya.


People with their strong style and view in fashion and their lifestyle have injected the more exciting and creative feelings in the area.


This project was carried out in the area for a young couple and a baby as their living space with their hair salon. This 'cutting-edge' salon attracts those who have their own style and seeks a perfect hideaway.


To design a perfect building for the family, there were continuous studies in the height and form of a building to fit in 50 square meters' site.


These studies formed a quirky, unique and 'cutting-edge' building - a massive black box with strong graphic images in white lines : a woman with flowers, plants etc... Contrary to this strong appearance, the interior retains a perfect interior for a family home - natural color with natural light coming through big windows.


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