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German architects Coordination Berlin and photographers diephotodesigner presented a “multi-faceted design object” called Crystal City Mind in London last weekend.


The objects, designed to reflect the surrounding cityscape, are made from high-grade steel that is mirror-polished on one side and matt black on the other.


Crystal City Mind was initially developed to highlight the rapidly changing skyline along the former Berlin wall (these images), and has since toured cities around the world.


The following information is from Coordination Berlin:

Press Release

Crystal City Mind from COORDINATION and DIEPHOTODESIGNER.DE make guest appearance in London.

Crystal City Mind is a multi-faceted design object made from mirror polished high grade steel and matte black surfaces.


During the course of this summer COORDINATION and DIEPHOTODESIGNER.DE toured the Berlin inner city with the sizable object, capturing impressions along the former Berlin wall. The images developed thereby show how rapidly Berlin has evolved in the last 20 years, as living old and new congregate.


Charged with impressions of Berlin, Crystal City Mind travelled the world with London as it’s first stop, radiating these impressions to the cities environment during London Design Week.


Crystal City Mind communicates a message from one of Europe’s most demanded citys and in addition takes into consideration its mixed past and present.


With this, the cooperative venture of COORDINATION and DIEPHOTODESINGER.DE is symbolic for that which makes the Berlin Design scene so unique: the breaks and edges, the interlacing of giving and taking, the old and new, snazzy, charming but incomplete and the desire to constantly change to a different perspective.


A designed case is available with twelve 30 x 45 cm motives printed and mounted on aluminium in an edition of 50 with proof of authenticity. (This first appearance has been photographed on site and is included within the jpeg selection.)


COORDINATION and DIEPHOTODESIGNER.DE have been working together for several years. Their work methods compliment one another in various aspects.


The 3D-Design studio COORDINATION was founged in 2004 by Jochen Gringmuth (b. 1969), Flip Sellin (b. 1970), and Tilman Thürmer (b. 1972). With proficient vision, they design space, objects and brand interiors in Japan, Kazakhstan, China, and Europe in it’s entirety. The team delivers the idea, that make the product range richer, the exhibit appealing and the apartment personalized. Clients such as, Nike, Falke, Koziol, Nintendo and the office of the German Federal Chancellor, appreciate this merging of reduction, elegance and complexity. The design object CHERRIE was nominated in last year for the German Design Prize.


Perfection and sensitivity characterize the function of DIEPHOTODESIGNER.DE. Ken Schuchtmann and Dirk Dähmlow (both b. 1970), who have since 2001 specialized in architecture and design. Not only do they illustrate, but penetrate into their motives. From a long analogue and digital process emerges light and color which bestow upon their images an unusually deep plasticity. Some say they stage design like others photograph fashion. Internationally active architects and clients such as, Plajer Franz, Plasmastudio, BMW, VW, Puma, and Samsung have acknowledged them for years. Their work runs clear across the range of Design and Lifestyle press. Thus in the past years innumerable images for Wallpaper, AD, Vogue, Frame and several other magazines have arisen.


Crystal City Mind was part of the Design Exhibition Create Berlin goes London, taking place from 18-21.09.08 in the Dray Walk Gallery / Truman Brewery in context of the Designfestival TENT.

Berlin’s best designers rock the London Design week.

After Milan, Tokyo, Moskow, Paris, New York, and Shanghai, the Berlin design network CREATE BERLIN will be guests this year in London. Double teams from design, fashion, media design and photgraphy have organized a unique experience to make the Berlin design scene known in foreign countries. 20 selected teams from a highly prestigious jury, will be presenting during the London Design Week from 18-21.09.08, their intelligent and amusing ideas themed, “Citizens of Berlin, 20 years of creativity.


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