[ Sebastian Jansson ] Mec stool

This stool is the result of research for a project developed at an International Summer Workshop held at the Domaine de Boisbuchet in collaboration with the Vitra Design Museum. The workshop was conducted by Stephen Burks, one of the leading lights of American design. The brief? To provide support based on various frequently adopted natural postures and objectify the concept as a mechanical extension of the human body. The Mec stool takes into account sit-to-stand movement and postural variations leading the body to lose balance at a certain point. The outcome? A highly personal though simple and rigid plywood structure, with a playful look.
10 mm plywood
Cut and painted
Colours: White, Yellow
Height    870 mm
Width    420 mm
Depth    600 mm
Seating height    620 mm
Weight    3,5 kg

from  sebastianjansson


Designed by JB FACTORY