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People want to change this small world with getting the heart of donation. In this ‘CHANGE’, there are many kinds of concepts: 1. External changes of surface 2. Exchange of love by giving/donating garments 3. Change of exhibitions, presentations and party programs 4. Change of ground with temporary fixtures.

                           Exhibition I
                                An exhibition space
                                - 8×A1 size wall-mounted pieces
                                - 6×plinth-based pieces(500L×500W×900H mm) 
                                - 4×floor-standing pieces(1sqm each) allowing space for circulation

                          Presentation I

                               A formal presentation space

                               - available for 30 persons seated

                          Party I

                                An informal gathering or party space

                               - flexible skin & space for temporary party

EX-Change Light Box

Art Fund Pavilion by 5osa

For London Pavilion, ‘change’- we start small start with this.


‘Site’ is located in the place that meets a city and a river. We have some limitation like areas, programs, temporaries. To meet those conditions, first thing that we concerned is the relation with other surroundings.

‘Mass’ adjusted by peripheral have a relationship with ‘Light Box’ and is divided to ‘Solid’ and ‘Open’. Here we consider ‘Light’ and ‘View’ and make form. ‘Cloth’ which means changes in open space is substituted to wall, and then it is produced to another open area.

Later, in Pavilion, many kinds of exhibitions, presentations and party programs will be performed. Pavilion doesn’t last for good and, in additions, it is disassembled someday. But the meaning of that contains people and it will spread to the world.

Changing Clothes

People send their warm hearts to the poor through donation of clothes to lots of the countries in the world. This is not just simply to change physical clothes, but it is a kind of events to change the people’s hearts who donate the clothes. First of all for these events, prepare proportioned ‘Change Cloth’ like M, L, and XL. And make Cloth Wall by connecting prepared clothes. After visitors see exhibits, they change the provided clothes to event garments. After that, blue Cloth Wall will turn colorful with their garments. This makes an extraordinary effect to send love to the indigent all around the world.

by 5osa


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