[ 5osA ] Event Generator _ Competition in Bodø


Event generator means a catalysis producing high-energy molecule in atomic physics.
Various community events are planned to be catalyzed by suggested group of buildings and promenade design. Group of buildings in two separate plots becomes a civic icon creating various events and a strong core accommodating them. The promenade supporting all age groups all the time is to connect these two cores with various events throughout the year and be a device connecting entire city. Under-installation of multi-function with various events is suggested rather than a only-function of the building itself. Four main programs of library, rhythmic center, concert hall, and museum is not operated independently but gotten together to be a culture campus adjusting various types of community events. Casual events revitalize street life complementing mutually through organic links for connection in spite of detachment.

Promenade is an integrator of various devices in architecture and information technology, meaning notion of expansion, in charge of connecting new iconic cells of the city. Attending on a keyword “Velocity” for intimate connection, promenade devotes to perform as “Mobile link” by dividing a walk and jog vertically.

In addition, tree belt and changeable glass-side are provided against wind concerning immobility enjoying the view. The vane using wind itself is designed to charge electricity and to consume moving glass-side and lighting streetlamp.It is the main notion of promenade to expand positively accommodating green network of the existing civic context.

Each node is emphasized function of linkage with small pocket park. 50m between each kiosk means distribution of
information. Molovien plaza is the central figure of link as a small cell, planed as an open space capable of all events for various age group and time frame as well as a meeting place for the people.

It is suggested for the ground level of the library to be open in order to connect Storgata-pedestrian path- with Quay front aggressively. By planning private library on top, 1st and 2nd floor activate Storgata being a public plaza as well as a square of Black box and Rhythmic center.
Sport, café, terraced plaza, and indoor court for four seasons form an open cultural space all together.

The concert hall at pier root sets limit to certain time range of frequency in use, performing for adults. Overlapping programs of different time zone (sports, entertainment, and museum), it becomes a park utilized through all seasons as a culture complex of culture park, sport park, and edu-park. It contributes to revitalizing the marina.
Three bodies of the building are divided on the ground level not to disturb approach to the sea. Front plaza on the 1st floor with stairs or slope is planned to be a temporary performance and seats for the audience in summer and a sports arena in daytime.

An Atrium is composed as a device to use the entire program besides plaza and park anytime in all weathers in order to connect outdoor space with  controllable space. So to speak, the glass wall on the 1st floor is open all the time in summer to aggressively connect the southern plaza to the north. It becomes an artrium and it provides indoor program and outdoor program at the same time. Thus it will be an oasis through the year.

Slooping museum is composed with exposed exhibition hall to induce visitors day and night. Museum and the culture center form visual axis
and consolidate link of promenade intermediating harbour to a ring.

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